Alex Velez

Team Member


Alex was born and raised in Camden, New Jersey by grandparents. HE uses he/him pronouns.

Velez lived shortly with his father in North Philadelphia, did a stint in Cali “Solo Dolo” his is an unapologetic College Dropout. At 24 years old he is an actor/recording artist who loves performing and writing. He was introduced to music by his musician grandfather.

HE lost his father at the tender age of 14. A proud Puerto Rican/Afro-latino he is a new recruit of the Black and Brown Workers Cooperative and the Philadelphia Ambassador of The Gran Varones Project. Alex occasionally facilitates workshops, has a large Social Media Platform is a proud supporter of the MOVEMENT FOR BLACK LIVES and loves to be active. Diagnosed with major depressive and anxiety disorder, he has decided to be medicated and is thriving THROUGH IT! He is currently working on new projects and his social media handles are twitter/ig/soundcloud: @officialavelez, snap: @av_theofficial–