Fatimah Madha

Team Member


Fatimah’s Burmese-Pakistani immigrant Muslim identities form the foundation and understanding for both the academic and community work they engage in. They try to practice restorative/transformative & survivor-centered justice, and strongly believe in abolishing carceral institutions. They are a member of the Philadelphia South Asian Collective (PSAC) which organizes diasporic South Asians for anti-oppression work, and have previously worked with QSpot and Out-For-Stem, organizations focused queer Black and brown youth.

Fatimah studied International Studies at Arcadia University, where their thesis was on the history of gender and sexual diversity in Muslim communities outside the traditional understanding of the colonial cishetero binary. Their other academic work is focused on sustainable development politics, seeking to aid economic growth in communities without displacing native residents (anti-gentrification) as well as without harming or depleting local and/or natural resources (ecological justice).